Bitcoin Jumped 17.8% after the US Released Seasonally Adjusted Core CPI for the End of February

[ChainDD report] March 15 (ChainDD) The US reported on March 14th that its seasonally adjusted core CPI at the end of February was 5.5%, with the previous value was 5.60%, and the expected value was 5.50%.

Following the news, the price of bitcoin rose to $26,380.42 as of 9 pm Beijing time, up 17.82% in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Ethereum rose to $1,772.64, up 11.15% in the 24 hours; Dogecoin rose to $0.07635, or 10.18% in 24 hours. Polygon, Solana, Polkadot and other cryptocurrencies all showed a large increase.


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