About Us

ChainDD, a global information and technology company, provides direct access to blockchain innovation and digital assets through accurate and timely delivery of blockchain insights to individuals and institutions around the world. We spun off from TMTPost Group, the leading tech media company with over 150 million readers and 1.5 billion total page views in 2017. We are the No. 1 blockchain-related news app in China with more than 2 million registered users, delivering a daily average of 100 articles and flash news 24/7. In August 2018, we launched our US operations to expand our international presence with the aim to become the leading global blockchain-related news and data provider that integrates business and market insights with our digital asset management tools to help people make informed financial decisions.

History of ChainDD

May 2012

TMTPost Group Founded

April 2013

First report on Bitcoin and its related technology in China

March 2016

Blockchain online training launched

December 2017

Achieved 150 million unique readers and 1.5 billion total page views in 2017

February 2018

ChainDD, Inc. spun off of TMTPost to become an independent Blockchain news and data provider

June 2018

ChainDD ranked No. 1 Blockchain related media and No. 6 general media in IOS App Store in China with 2M+ registered users

August 2018

ChainDD US operation established

October 2018

ChainDD US launch announced at CHAINSIGHTS 2018 Blockchain Leadership Summit